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 Welcome to the home of sulandi leonbergers. My name is Lauren Whan, and I live with my parents and sister in a small village in Northern Ireland called Parkgate. We started showing dogs in 2002 and our first breed were Keeshonds. I showed in junior handling in the uk when I was seven and once I turned ten I began showing in junior handing in Dublin. I saw my first leonberger in 2006 and I fell in love, this breed is spectacular and I begged for one ever since that day. I got my first leonberger in 2009; he is called Ozzie and I could not have asked for a better representative of the breed. He is truly a gentle giant, this just made my love for the breed increase. After a few years I decided I wanted another leonberger, so I went to the club show in Leonberg.. I couldn't believe it, there were leonbergers everywhere! I watched as many classes as I could, but one dog in particular caught my eye, Amicus Optimus Antonius. To me he was fabulous, his substance, type and movement, he had everything. I then began my research and thanks to two very close friends I had found my Norris puppy.. After a flight to Norway where Vegard and Hilgjerd Nordmo welcomed us into their home to choose my puppy, and a long drive to pick her up in Germany; I had Nukva at home. she has been fabulous to own as a pet and a show dog, we have had a great time travelling to promote her."
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